Our Stuff
It's Simple. We make a gigantic Calzone, over-stuffed with traditional (and not so traditional) ingredients and every bite brings you to one conclusion..."where have you been all my life!" and talk about flavor... It's as big and bold as the Piazza del Campo and fresh- You wanna talk about fresh? You'd have to grow it, pick it, cook it and then eat it before you could find anything fresher.

Our Promise
Authentic Recipes-Locally Sourced Products
Artisan Sausages, Imported Italian Cheeses, regional sauce recipes, fine local ingredients prepared in the Italian tradition and all brought together for this one, momentous, calzone. Savor the flavor dear friends, as no two are alike!

How it works
​We start with our artisan dough, made every day on premise. We hand tossed and rolled out just for you. Now go PAZZO!
​Walk past an array of fresh ingredients; pick your sauce,  your fresh fillings, Your grilled veggies and meats and your cheeses (the combinations really are endless!) Now our talented Calzone Bakers finish it off with a sprinkle of your favorite seasoning and bake it to perfection. And because we use our specially designed Italian 
​"Tavola Calda" and our big, beautiful oven, your calzone is done in just minutes!

Our Guys
Born of the labors of two good friends, Jimmy and Alfredo have spent the last 20 years building their legend in the Birmingham, Alabama pizza market and now they bring their enthusiasm and food service know-how to this exciting new restaurant.

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Pazzo means “crazy” in Italian so let yourself go with one of our fabulous made to order calzones
​​No half filled, folded over pizza dough calzones here! Our Calzones are over stuffed and filled to the top with fresh, exciting ingredients

Choose up to 25 different Filings! Add as many as you want!... a little of this, a bunch of that and we will create the most AWESOME calzone you ever had! Baked to perfection in our big, beautiful oven and out to you in just minutes

“Best calzone ever!”